Description for Task "Literature search: time series in development"

Task Name Literature search: time series in development
Created On April 6, 2020, 6:06 a.m.
Description At the Office of Astronomy for Development, we are interested in how astronomers can transfer some their skills, methods or technologies to contexts related to socioeconomic development. We’re working on a literature review of the applications of time series analysis to development, for example in health science, agriculture or in tracking inequality etc. This task requires the volunteer to generate a list of references and examples of the use of time series in development work. It may help to have some astronomy background to relate these methods to those typically used in astronomy, e.g. searches for periodicity, change point detection algorithms etc. You may also need access to literature through an institutional or academic library.
Posted By Vanessa
Estimated Time Required 10 hours
Volunteer By May 31, 2020, noon
Skills Required Communication , Library skills